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Ellen Axson Wilson Homecoming

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Join us in a celebration of the 100th anniversary of the homecoming of Rome's Ellen Axson Wilson. Events include an exhibition of her paintings, memorial service, public lecture by Kristie Miller, gala at Oak Hill, and more. To buy tickets to the Ellen gala on Saturday, Sept. 13, please click here.

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Artist Spotlight

Graham Duke

Graham Duke

Out of the dilapidated hills of North GA comes Badland bad boy aka Old Burnt Turn Slick, Pier Waveform, Track Bas-Tard, Cigg Nasty, Plastered Wack, Ryan Phony, Rusty Manhood, Dirt Turn Gibberish, Graham (of Graham and Vann), Ding Dong Man (of Muletide Perkins Trio) and proud for...


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