• 2018 RACA Winner is Announced

    Rome Arts Champion Award goes to Chiaha Harvest Fair


    For over 50 years, the Chiaha Guild has brought the Chiaha Harvest Fair to Rome. Always a wonderful event, the focus is first and foremost the arts. We are proud to honor this amazing group of folks!

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  • Graphic Arts Series

    Nominate Here!


    RACA is sponsoring a Graphic Arts Design Series Workshop to be held in August 2018. High School Counselors can nominate one student per school.

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    Support the arts in Rome


    There has never been a more important time to support the arts in your community than right now! Since 1976, RACA has been a driving force in thriving artistic community in Rome and Floyd County. Your continued support is greatly appreciated!

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  • Artist Spotlight

    Graham Duke

    Graham Duke

    Out of the dilapidated hills of North GA comes Badland bad boy aka Old Burnt Turn Slick, Pier Waveform, Track Bas-Tard, Cigg Nasty, Plastered Wack, Ryan Phony, Rusty Manhood, Dirt Turn Gibberish, Graham (of Graham and Vann), Ding Dong Man (of Muletide Perkins Trio) and proud form...

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