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  • RACA Events

    Rome Beer Fest


    RACA's annual Rome Beer Fest is Saturday, September, 24th. Exciting sponsorship opportunities are available for a limited time. Tickets are now on sale! Don't miss one of NWGA's most unique craft beer, art and music experiences!

    Join us Saturday, September 24th!
  • Fire Fly Fling 2016

    Lighting up the River District


    On April 22nd, RACA celebrated its 40th year! RACA's Fire Fly Fling presented by Pirelli Tire in partnership with DDA aimed to spark the creative culture of the 5th Avenue River District. We had a wonderful evening of food, music & art!

    Click here to learn more about our vision for the River District.
  • Artist Spotlight

    Tzvetan Petkov

    Tzvetan Petkov

    Art has been part of my life since my childhood. When I was 15, my real training began, first in a special Art High School, and then in the Art University. Even now, I am still learning to express my feelings, the mystery of faith, and the concept of beauty. I see Art and Photography as an impo...

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