Melissa Rutledge



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Graphic Design, Jewelry, Crochet, Embroidery, Sewing, Painting, Murals, Public Installations, Yarn Bombs


Painting, Graphic Design, Fiber, and Jewelry and Wearables


Rome Knitterati (founder) Makervillage (board member) Free Art Friday - Rome GA (founder)

About the artist

I love all forms of art, everything from low-brow to high-brow, handcrafted to digital, with an emphasis on supporting local. I'm a Savannah College of Art & Design graduate with a BFA in Graphic Design, minor in Illustration. I've worked 10+ years as a professional Graphic Designer in and around the Atlanta area. When I'm not working I love to dive into any other forms of arts and crafts. My favorite crafts right now are making new jewelry pieces from vintage materials, and organizing and participating in projects for the Rome Knitterati.