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Handmade Function High-fire Stoneware Pottery


Pottery/Ceramics, and Visual


Earthworks Pottery- Pottery Instructor

About the artist

I first touched clay in 2004. We had a rough start as it would not behave to create the little perfect little pinch pots I was assigned to make. I almost dropped the class, writing it off as ridiculous. However with a little encouragement from a fellow art lover and a little push from the interested part inside me, I stuck with it and stayed around the studio even after I graduated from the college.

I have grown to find throwing and forming clay my passion, my outlet and my calling. It is truly something I look forward to doing and the art does not become stale or tired. I love teaching others to throw, explaining how pieces are made, learning new techniques and successfully making something I have never made before.

I teach pottery at Earthworks Pottery and work out of my home studio.  My pieces are all high fire pots made in Rome, Georgia. They are functional, useful, sturdy pieces that will survive throughout the years.

Work samples

  • Bowl
  • Doggie2
  • Swirlymugs
  • Splatterbowl
  • Redmugs
  • Redbowl0