RACA Joins Makervillage Creative Hub

Posted 29/07/2016


Architect's Drawings for new space

Rome Area Council for the Arts (RACA) has joined Makervillage as an organizational partner and plans relocation of its headquarters to the building located at 252 N. 5th Avenue in downtown Rome's River District. The arts organization, celebrating its 40th year, will expand their financial resources to artists and artisans and help establish and curate a community art gallery.

RACA provides grants and programming for Rome area artists and artisans, and the relocation of their headquarters will allow them to better access and inform artists about these resources.  In addition, the community gallery provides a way for area artists, including Makervillage members, to display and sell their work. The gallery will be staffed and managed by Makervillage and open to the public on evenings and weekends. RACA will curate, plan, and execute 4-5 installations per year alongside other artsorganizations.  

“To re-establish a physical presence and help operate a flexible community gallery will allow us to fulfill our mission of impacting the community through arts programming, education, and outreach,” says RACA Executive Director Rainey Campbell, “ we are excited to engage in this creative place with both Makervillage and the arts community in Downtown Rome.”

Makervillage has undertaken a renovation of the building at 252 N. 5th to provide membership-based co-work and startup spaces, artisan workshop areas, and other entrepreneurial resources such as workshops, classes, marketing and fabrication lab, and shipping center.  The first phase of construction is underway and will be completed in August, allowing a limited number of members to begin accessing resources. The RACA office and gallery is expected to be complete later in the fall.

“There has been a strong desire to see an art gallery return to downtown Rome” says Steele, “we entrepreneurs were willing to take the risks and manage the business side, but it would not be possible without sponsoring organizations.  These kind of collaborative relationships are what will continue to build a sustainable creative community and a thriving creative economy .”

To learn more about memberships and sponsorships, sign up at build.makervillage.org.  

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