Brittany Abernathy



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Watercolor, Acrylic, Digital


Painting, Drawing, Illustration, and Mixed Media

About the artist

I was born here in Rome, Georgia in July 1990. I became interested in art when I was very young, about seven, and since then I have experimented with several different mediums. I started out with ink sketches. However, in high school I moved on to colored pencil, watercolor, and some acrylic works. Sometime after I graduated I began working on digital pieces and clay sculpting. But, as I began to participate in Rome's Free Art Fridays, I really fell back in love with watercolor and acrylic painting. Since then I have focused on this medium, and most of my paintings are done on canvas. I am self-taught, and until now my art has always been set aside as a hobby. Although my hopes are to become more involved with Rome's art community and dedicate more focus into my craft.

Work samples

  • 20160721_202258
  • Psfix_20170527_220001
  • Psfix_20170505_211620
  • Psfix_20170528_123244
  • Psfix_20170528_123417
  • 20161031_192503
  • 20160721_202258
  • 20161009_230552
  • Psfix_20171019_212142
  • 20180428_135401-1