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Deno Brown Films is owned by Dennis James Brown, Jr. He is better known as Deno Brown. The 27 year old cinematographer was born in Cartersville, Georgia and raised in Rome, Georgia. Deno grew up as a teen who couldn't seem to stay out of trouble. He continued on this path until a life changing event caused him to change his ways. At the young age if 22, Deno put all of his energy and time into filming. While many filmmakers with this much talent attend Art/Film schools, Deno is a self taught videographer. He took an interest in watching visuals and soon learned how to create them on his own. Deno incorporates various shots, angles and his superb editing skills into each video. Deno uses social media and other outlets to promote the majority of his videos. He has also connected and worked with major artists who consider his work exceptional. Deno Brown is a filmmaker on the rise with over 150 videos and 700,000 + views on YouTube. He has established himself as one of the best videographers in the Northwest Georgia area and has always been years ahead of his time.

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