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Photography, Acrylic Painting, Creative Writing


Painting, Drawing, Photography, Wood, Fiction, Nonfiction, and Poetry


Chattooga-Summerville Area Writers (C-SAW)

About the artist

I have loved photography for years but when I began doing macro photography a few years ago I was hooked. My camera has become a constant companion, especially when I go for leisurely walks in the evening. After my dad passed away in 2014 my grief counselor and friend suggested I try painting as a way to release my emotions. It wasn't until that time, at age 47, that I discovered I have potential with acrylic painting. My husband Douglas and I both have an affinity for creative writing so in June 2015 we started a local writer's group in Summerville, GA. Turns out there are a number of us in this small town who love to paint pictures with words and the writer's group is growing into a wonderful outlet for sharing our love of the art of writing.

Work samples

  • My_snow_painting_9-17-15
  • My_snow_painting_9-17-15
  • My_snow_painting_9-17-15
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  • My_lightning_painting
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