Matt McGinnis



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Bass, Vocals


Songwriter, Vocalist, and Musician


Muletide Perkins Trio, Willie Heath Neal and The Damned Old Opry

About the artist

Matt, bass man since he was a preteen and until recently journeyman perfomer for any who would hire, spent the last few years touring with near-legend status songwriter and Chickenshack Record's outlaw-country recording artist Willie Heath Neal. A long time on-and-off musical cohort of  Muletide's, McGizzle, as he's commonly known, started playing some of the current trio tunes with Muletide on off-weeks in early 2009 and quickly found that Muletide's songs were an ideal vehicle for his "whirlwind in a firestorm" bass style. At a Muletide Perkins Trio gig, the listener is bombarded with low-end growl and twang that is one-of-a-kind as only Hardup McGizzle can bring it.