Brandi L Bernard



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illustration / watercolor / digital art


Illustration, Painting, and Visual


Former member of the Arts Council for Wyoming County, Western NY

About the artist

Originally from the outskirts of the Canadian wilderness, I grew up in small town Western NY experimenting here and there with every form of art I could get my hands on. I later became very drawn to illustrative arts and comic building and today I find myself here in Rome, GA, lured down by a commissioner of mine who happened to steal my heart away. Kinda like in Indiana Jones, but more with more romance involved and less dying. I mostly find myself working on character design, creating visual representations for those who want their ideas out on paper. I spend my free time working at home on comic ideas and playing with watercolors here and there along with raising our son and two cats, all of whom I'm pretty sure are from outer space and waiting for their chance at world domination...