Graham Duke



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Guitar, Vocals, Drums


Vocalist, Musician, Performing, and Songwriter


Muletide Perkins Trio, Graham and Vann, Badland Badboy

About the artist

Out of the dilapidated hills of North GA comes Badland bad boy aka Old Burnt Turn Slick, Pier Waveform, Track Bas-Tard, Cigg Nasty, Plastered Wack, Ryan Phony, Rusty Manhood, Dirt Turn Gibberish, Graham (of Graham and Vann), Ding Dong Man (of Muletide Perkins Trio) and proud former member of Scared Old Man & Hat Or Religion.

Old Burnt Turn Slick is an accomplished songwriter and musician of many names, genres, and instruments, and he beats the drums for the Muletide Perkins Trio simply because he loves the songs that much. That's just plain fun for everyone involved.