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Oil Painting


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Pear Street Painters - Artist; Georgia Highlands College - Graphic Designer

About the artist

Painting has been in my life since childhood and it has always been my way of expressing and sharing the emotions born as reactions to the beauty around me. Sometimes I put my very personal thoughts, dreams and passions on the canvas, and it helps me understand myself better. If my reflections and feelings poured onto the artwork find response in the viewer’s heart and push the emotional button, it means I have realized my ambition. I chose oil as my medium, but trying to capture the variety of the world, I always look for interesting formats, unusual techniques and unique color combinations. Palette knife, raised paint, split, round and oval compositions are some of the methods I like to use. Bright saturated colors help me better represent the mood I am generating on the piece. Most of the times, I am not pursuing the goal of being realistic; I am showing my own view of the subject. Painting is magic, and it feels really magical to be able to create the alter realities originated from my mind.

Work samples

  • Iguana
  • Iguana1
  • Iguana2
  • Iguana3
  • Iguana
  • For_me_in_your_eyes_sunflowers_bloom
  • Forget_me_not
  • Reflection_of_both
  • Imagine
  • Julio
  • Escobar
  • Roofs_of_the_city
  • X_87c071dc
  • X_9158d9b5
  • X_fddc9a05