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Acrylic Painting, Ink Drawing, Papier-Mache Sculpting


Drawing, Painting, and Sculpture


Pear Street Painters - Artist and the Rome Art Coterie

About the artist

Eric Dempsey was conceived in the silence of a simple hand gesture and born in January of ‘78. He grew up interested in simple doodles of flowers and big trucks, photos of shadows and dark faces and maps, and old men with fake hair. His mind often ran with his legs in chasing an inevitable, unachievable Nothing as he wanted to draw... to create... to capture something comparable to the eloquent creations of his older brother, Chris, but had not the restraint to do so - much more active than inspired! Graduating Cedartown High School in ‘96, he further pursued his aesthetic studies at both Rome Georgia’s Floyd College under the tutelage of Professor David Mott and friend / continuing inspiration, Emma Ball, in ‘97 through ‘01, and, in ‘01 for a brief spell, at the Atlanta College of Art under the tutelage of a variety of professors who, not for lack of intent, did not hold his focus nor interest. At some point, post ACA, a reversal of fortune occurred and he decided to sit down... realizing that the Nothing proffered a similar pose. A long correspondence preceded their eventual creative alliance now perpetuating... Since, his studies have been experimental in nature growing from a tampering with any media he could gain access to to a narrowed focus on papier-mache sculpting, acrylic painting and ink drawing. The grounds he works on vary from his preferred, paper, to vinyl, film, wood, linen or canvas.

Work samples

  • 2012_-_untitled
  • 2012-_avian
  • 2012_-_the_elder_ii
  • 2012_-_the_elder_i
  • 2012_-_no_voice
  • 2012_-_man_from_jamestown
  • 2012_-_face
  • 2012_-_rasputin