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High Fired, One-of-a-kind, Functional Stoneware and Porcelain pots



About the artist

Tesa DuPre studied ceramics at Berry College in Mt. Berry, Ga from 1977-1981 as an auditing student before setting up her own studio and building a gas fired kiln in Rome, Ga. She continues her education in clay through workshops. She works with stoneware clay which she mixes, and also uses porcelain. Her pots are high functional and one-of-a-kind. Most of her work is wheel thrown, but she also does some handbuilding and altering. Her work is fired in a reduction atmosphere, and she has had the opportunity to participate in anagama and groundhog kiln firings. Because she loves to fly fish for wild trout and to be in the woods, fish, animals, and plant life show up on some of her pieces. Tesa combined her love for making pots with her commitment to community by bringing the Empty Bowls fundraiser to Rome, Ga.  Studio visits are by appointment only. Please call: 706-234-2734 or 706-290-4116 to schedule a visit. 

Tesa DuPre's work has been exhibited in juried and invitational shows throughout the eastern U.S. and is in corporate and private collections worldwide. The exhibitions include:

Perspectives '01, '04, '05, '06, and '07; 
Georgia Potters Invitational at Hambidge Center in Dillard, GA '06, '08, '09, and '010; 
Fired Works '06, '08, '09, '010, and '011;
the ACCSE Spotlight Exhibition--Kennesaw College, Ga '09;
From Shoulder to Foot: Ceramic and Figurative Artists from the Southeast, Quinlan Visual Arts Center-Gainesville, GA '01; 
Handles and Spouts: Teapots by Contemporary Southern Artists, Swan Coach House Gallery-Atlanta, GA 2000; 
Twenty Years with Clay, A Retrospective, Moon Gallery, Mt. Berry, GA--a one woman exhibition in the Moon Gallery at Berry College in Feb 2011.