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Painting, Mixed Media, Photography, Graphic Design


Graphic Design, Visual, Painting, Photography, and Mixed Media

About the artist

Racquel Morgan, originally from northeast Alabama, grew up in a family full of talent and always dreamed of pursuing a career in art. She actively participated in artists groups and studied Fine Arts through high school and college. Entering the working world, she tried her hand at many things; from working at a Childrens Museum, to graphic design for a major publishing firm, to working in the television and film industry ... and during this time, she and the paint brush had an unplanned hiatus. After relocating in 2002 to the pristinely beautiful northwest Florida gulf coast - from Los Angeles - she had a fierce and impassioned desire to paint again, and now she can’t put the paint brush down. With the support of her partner of 12+ years, Racquel has immersed herself full tilt into her true passion and hopes to inspire others to follow their 'creative path.'

As a lover of nature, her artwork often reflects colors and vibrations of her local surroundings. She has previously shown her work at the House of Art in Grayton Beach, Modeo in Grayton Beach and An Advanced Alternative in Santa Rosa Beach. Racquel was the featured cover artist for the South Walton Telephone Directory for two years. All artwork can be purchased by contacting the artist directly. "Reflecting back on my life, the times spent amidst nature are when I am most at peace. These landscapes created by nature are an ongoing inspiration to which I marvel at on a daily basis. When I paint them, I experience the joy of a spiritual connection with my subject and am nourished by the entire creative process. They are no longer merely skies, trees, grasses, water, flowers but rather a blend of colors, emotions and rhythmic vibrations that seem to flow through my being and physically express themselves by way of the canvas. It’s a process similar to surfing or meditating --- where you completely forget the world around you and are fully immersed in the moment.

"I believe that art has the power to transform both culture and consciousness. I highly encourage everyone to experiment with their creative side – be it photography, painting, cooking, singing, dancing, gardening or whatever feels like art to you – you may even find your life’s purpose through some new talent you never knew you had!"