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Painting, and Mixed Media

About the artist

Born: 16. April, 1979, Haugesund, Norway

Artist statement: Painting is fearless expression of energy, time and space, where colors, forms and lines aesthetically coexist to arouse an internal source.

About artist: Siri is an established artist who has also become an entrepreneur over the last decade. Aside from painting and selling her own artwork, Siri runs her custom frame shop, art gallery that features local artists' work, and conducts lessons and paint parties at her Studio Siri location at 1205 Dean Ave. in Rome, Ga. She is native of Norway, but moved to Georgia in 1999 to pursue her art education. Siri strongly believes in the human essential need of creative expression. She has provided the community with artistic opportunities for well over a decade. In 2003, Siri established an art program at a day center for mentally challenged men and women where she introduced ways of expression and art therapy to her clients. In 2005, she offered community classes through Shorter College for children, teens and adults. Currently, she operates Studio Siri, which is a venue for creative events and art lessons that features an art gallery, and also is where she runs her custom framing business (formerly Hanging Around Rome). In 2011, Siri founded Heartworks, which is an organization with its sole purpose being to raise funds for humanitarian organizations through her art. Siri has made tremendous impact in the local community with her creative spirit and her work. She is excelling at a rapid pace in the art world.

Work samples

  • Nordic
  • Vestlandet_3
  • Original-1
  • Original-2
  • Original-21
  • Carpe_diem
  • Guardian_gold
  • Dance_with_grace
  • Let_your_love_shine
  • Asbmf_viii
  • Heart