Shorter University School of Fine & Performing Arts


315 Shorter Avenue
Rome, GA 30165
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About the organization

In the art, music, and theatre departments of the School of the Arts, students can study two- and three-dimensional visual arts, voice performance, piano performance, organ performance, piano pedagogy, music education, church music, musical theatre, and acting.

The art, music, and theatre departments have approximately 200 students in the undergraduate degree programs. All of these students study with faculty members, not graduate students, who are well trained in their disciplines. They benefit from the low teacher to student ratio of 10 to 1; students spend more time one-on-one with professors than you would have ever imagined. The faculty can give you solid, practical advice about your career in the arts too, because they know what it takes for success.

If you are considering a career in the arts, Shorter can help you turn your passion into a lifelong pursuit. They always welcome you and your parents to visit the campus. You might want to visit some classes, talk to some students and professors, and see for yourself what Shorter is like.