Darlington High School Arts


1014 Cave Spring Road
Rome, GA 30161
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About the organization

Darlington students develop an appreciation for the fine arts at an early age because we recognize that art education is a catalyst for increasing our students’ motivation and achievement across the curriculum. In addition to encouraging higher-order thinking skills, promoting creativity, enhancing fine motor development and sharpening observation skills, Darlington’s visual and performing arts programs are high quality and just plain fun.

Student artists of all ages have been recognized for their talents, both locally and nationally. Their award-winning vocal and instrumental ensembles travel and perform throughout the country. They also take advantage of the local and regional talent through our Instrumental Music Conservatory. And each year in October, the entire school celebrates the arts during Fall for the Arts month.

And the best part is, when it comes to after-school activities there’s time for everything. Some of their top athletes are also star musicians, vocalists and actors. At Darlington, you really can do it all!