Unity Christian School Fine Arts Department


2960 New Calhoun Hwy
Rome, GA
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About the organization

The Fine Arts Department at Unity Christian School offers a variety of music and art classes from K3 through 12th grade.

Students learn that music and art are part of God's creation, and that we are designed with the ability to respond emotionally, spiritually, and intellectually to color, shape, form, rhythm, tone color, and melody.

Every class is taught on the foundation that God intends for each individual to have music and art as a part of daily life, whether as the artist or the observer. From pre-K through elementary school, students learn basic skills in art and music which will prepare them for more in depth practice as they grow. At the middle and high school levels, students are offered elective opportunities including studio art, art shop, guitar, steel drums, concert band, percussion ensemble, chorus, and our Music as a Life Skills course. Students participate in ACSI Music and Art Festivals, which include both individual and group performance opportunities. Their steel drum bands travel to perform for various audiences, and have been included in performance venues at Walt Disney World. Students who are interested in more in depth individual tutorial may choose to study the fine arts discipline of their choice after school with one of many qualified instructors who provide after school hours services.