RACA Award

The Rome Arts Champion Award
(“The R.A.C.A.”)

Definition: The Rome Arts Champion Award was established in 2012 to be given annually to an organization or individual that has demonstrated the highest level of unselfish service to the Greater Rome community through the Arts.

Eligibility: An eligible recipient must be a member of the Greater Rome community. Current RACA Board Members are ineligible to receive the award.

Nomination and Election: 
Only current RACA members may nominate a potential recipient. Nominations will be made via email by filling out the nomination form located hereNomination deadline is March 12, 2019. 

The Secretary of the Board will collect all nominations and present each nominee to the RACA Board for discussion and consideration, after which time a preliminary slate of final candidates will be created by unanimous board consent.The board will vote on such final candidates until one receives a simple majority vote by the Board members who are present to vote. A board quorum must be established in order for a slate to be created or vote to be taken. The board may elect multiple recipients to receive the award in any given year, and it may also elect to present the award to a recipient more than once or posthumously. The board will elect the recipient each spring and recognize the award winner publicly at the RACA spring event, Fire Fly Fling. 

Previous R.A.C.A. Recipients:

  • 2012         Harry Musselwhite
  • 2013         Tesa DuPre
  • 2014         Barb Beninato
  • 2015         Evie McNiece
  • 2016         Oak Hill Museum
  • 2017         Susan Gilbert Harvey
  • 2018         Chiaha Harvest Fair